Top Home Maintenance Companies in Singapore

Home maintenance is a crucial aspect of homeownership, playing a pivotal role in preserving property value, ensuring safety, and enhancing overall comfort. Regular upkeep of a home’s systems, structures, and appliances not only prevents minor issues from escalating into major repairs but also contributes to a healthier and more functional living environment. 

With an abundance of choices available, selecting a reliable and reputable maintenance service provider can be daunting. Hence, this blog aims to simplify the process by curating a list of leading companies known for their transparency, quality of workmanship, and customer satisfaction. 

Through showcasing these top-tier service providers, homeowners can make informed decisions when entrusting their homes to professional maintenance experts, thereby ensuring peace of mind and optimal property care.

Why Home Maintenance Matters

Home maintenance is not just about fixing problems as they arise; it’s about proactive care that can save homeowners time, money, and stress in the long run. In Singapore, where tropical weather conditions can pose unique challenges to property upkeep, it is essential to have regular maintenance. Let’s explore why home maintenance matters and the specific benefits it offers to homeowners in Singapore.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

  • Prevents Costly Repairs: Regular maintenance helps identify and address minor issues before they escalate into major problems, saving homeowners from expensive repairs down the line.
  • Enhance Energy Efficiency: Regular maintenance, such as cleaning air filters and sealing drafts, improves energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills.
  • Extends Lifespan of Home Systems: By keeping home systems and appliances well-maintained, homeowners can prolong their lifespan, reducing the need for premature replacements and saving money in the process.
  • Preserves Property Value: Properly maintained homes are more attractive to potential buyers and command higher resale values, making regular maintenance a wise investment in the long-term financial health of the property.

Challenges Faced by Homeowners

  • Humidity-Related Problems: Singapore’s humid climate can lead to mould, mildew, and dampness issues within homes, which can affect indoor air quality and pose health risks to occupants.
  • Wear-and-Tear Due to Tropical Weather: The intense heat, heavy rainfall, and high humidity levels in Singapore can accelerate wear-and-tear on building materials, roofs, and exterior surfaces, requiring frequent maintenance to preserve structural integrity and aesthetics.
  • Pest Infestations: The warm and humid climate of Singapore provides ideal conditions for pests such as termites, ants, and cockroaches to thrive, making regular pest control measures essential for preventing infestations and property damage.

Criteria for Selecting Top Companies

When selecting the top home maintenance companies in Singapore, several key criteria must be considered to ensure reliability and quality service. Let’s delve into each criterion to understand its significance in evaluating and selecting top-performing companies.

A. Transparency and Pricing

Transparent pricing builds trust by ensuring homeowners understand the costs associated with services provided, fostering clarity and preventing misunderstandings. Fair quotations and upfront pricing contribute to a transparent transaction process, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

B. Range of Services Offered

A diverse range of services is vital for addressing various home maintenance needs efficiently. Whether it’s plumbing repairs, electrical installations, or general handyman services, a comprehensive service offering allows homeowners to rely on a single company for all their maintenance requirements. Companies with a wide range of services demonstrate versatility and readiness to cater to diverse customer needs.

C. Quality of Workmanship

The proficiency and attention to detail of skilled professionals are crucial for achieving satisfactory outcomes in home maintenance endeavours. Companies that prioritise training, certification, and quality assurance measures ensure consistent excellence in their workmanship, directly impacting the durability and effectiveness of repairs and installations.

D. Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback and testimonials gauge a company’s reputation and service quality, while satisfaction reflects homeowners’ experiences with aspects like communication and problem-solving. Companies prioritising customer satisfaction aim to exceed expectations and foster enduring client relationships.

E. Experience and Expertise

Years of experience provide companies in the home maintenance industry with valuable insights and effective solutions for diverse challenges. Specialised expertise, particularly in areas like HVAC systems or plumbing, enables companies to confidently address complex tasks, offering homeowners peace of mind.

Top Home Maintenance Companies

For home maintenance in Singapore, there are several top companies offering a range of services from cleaning to aircon maintenance. Here’s a brief overview:

Cleaning Services

  1. Helpling

Helpling, Singapore’s leading home service app, has earned acclaim with a remarkable 4.8/5 rating on Google, backed by over 350,000 satisfied customers. What sets Helpling apart is its commitment to excellence in cleaning services, boasting a team of housekeepers trained to hotel-grade standards and proficient in the renowned KonMari™ method of tidying. 

Offering a diverse range of 45+ home services, from routine cleaning to specialised elderly care, Helpling has garnered widespread praise online, thanks to its rigorous selection process and comprehensive training, ensuring top-notch service quality and customer satisfaction.

Address179B Telok Ayer Street, Level 3, Singapore 068627
Contact / +65 3158 3871
Social LinkFacebook and Instagram
Price RangeOne-off cleaning: Rates start from $26/hourWeekly/fortnightly cleaning: Rates start from $23/hourOne-time deep cleaning (Move In/Out Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Post Renovation Cleaning): Prices vary based on apartment size.

Customer Reviews:

  • “I’ve worked with many different helpers from Helpling since mine left for her holidays. I would say all of them are very good. They go through similar housekeeping training so the quality is pretty consistent. I would highly recommend them!” – @keweitay
  • “No housework means more time for work! So happy I didn’t have to mop and clean the house after back to back meetings. Thank you Helpling for making my house squeaky clean every week!” – @miss_luxe
  1. Home Cleaning SG

Introducing Home Cleaning SG, a locally-owned cleaning service company dedicated to delivering exceptional service standards throughout Singapore. With a team of meticulously trained cleaners, Home Cleaning SG ensures satisfaction for even the most discerning clients. What sets them apart is their emphasis on trustworthiness, backed by insurance coverage for added peace of mind. Experience seamless booking through their user-friendly website, initiating a hassle-free process in just a few clicks.

Address71 Ubi Rd 1, #10-42, Singapore 408732
Contact Detailsadmin@homecleaningsg / +65 31650568
Social LinkFacebook and Instagram
Price RangeWeekly Cleaning (4 sessions per month) starts at S$75 for HDB 3-room units and S$88 for 4-room and above.One-off Cleaning sessions range from S$81 for HDB 3-room units to S$108 for 4-room and above.

Customer Reviews:

  • “They did a fantastic job cleaning our home last week! It was our first time engaging a cleaning service and they were punctual, well organised and managed to cover a huge amount of ground in a short period of time. Also the cleaning agents are friendly and patient. They follow the requests and do extra vacuum and mopping the whole house as the house is filled with dust. Thank you so much and highly recommended!” – Chin Chuan Neo
  • “The assistant that Homecleaningsg offered was really competent. Every time we work together, she is on time and does an excellent job cleaning my home. When I had questions, their customer service was really responsive. When I use their services, they should inspire confidence in me.I’d without a doubt advise employing their services.” – Chen
  1. Helperoo

Meet Helperoo, a highly acclaimed cleaning service provider in Singapore, boasting numerous 5-star ratings and a loyal clientele base. Renowned for its efficient cleaners and competitive rates, Helperoo offers a range of services including recurring cleaning, one-off cleaning, and moving-in or out cleaning options.

Address16 Boon Lay Way Tradehub 21 #01-55 Singapore 609965
Contact / +65 8407 8407
Price RangeRecurring Cleaning Service: Starting from S$24 per hourOne-off Cleaning Service: S$30 per hourMoving In or Out Cleaning Service: Rates start from S$380

Customer Reviews:

  • “Yin yin is a very meticulous and dedicated worker. She is also very pleasant and polite. I am very fortunate to have her as my regular part time help.” – Ms. Tan Xue Yi
  • “Zar Ni is definitely a 5 star in my book. She is definitely better than the part time maids I have engaged. Really glad that I found Helperoo and would definitely recommend them.” – Mr. Kenneth Chong
  1. Comfy Homes

When it comes to maintaining a clean and tidy home or office, Comfy Homes has been the go-to solution since 2002. With a track record of satisfied customers and property management businesses, Comfy Homes guarantees efficiency and thoroughness in meeting your cleaning needs.

Address33, Ubi Ave 3, Vertex, #06-34, Singapore 408868
Contact / +65 97901222
Social LinkFacebook 
Price RangeFor Regular Cleaning Packages:Once a week, 4 sessions a month (four hours per session): S$388 per month on weekdays and S$418 per month on weekends.Twice a week, 8 sessions a month (four hours per session): S$748 per month (weekdays) and S$758 (one weekday and one weekend session).Thrice a week, 12 sessions a month (four hours per session): S$1,118 per month.

Customer Reviews:

  • “Ted and Ken are very responsive and responsible with our enquiries and schedule arrangement of the helper. The helper is well-trained to handle the cleaning too, and accommodating. Very professional team” – Janet Tan
  • “Excellent weekly cleaning service by Comfy Homes. They have good quality cleaners/helpers who are directly trained by them. The same cleaner would also be assigned on a regular basis if you are pleased with the performance. So far, the company has been very professional and accommodating to my request.” – Barbara Yu
  1. SendHelper

Sendhelper, backed by PropertyGuru, is an award-winning platform in Singapore offering a suite of home services. They provide cleaning, deep cleaning, aircon servicing, handyman, laundry, pest control, and more, ensuring quality by partnering with verified service providers. 

Pricing varies based on service type and home size, with a user-friendly app for convenient booking and secure in-app payment. Customer satisfaction is underscored by a guarantee, with support available for any service concerns. The platform is recognized for its comprehensive services and user trust, contributing to its strong reputation in the home services market.

Address1 Paya Lebar Link, #12-01/04, Paya Lebar Quarter, PLQ, #1, Singapore 408533
Contact / +65 9387-5891
Social LinkFacebook and Instagram
Price RangeCleaning – from S$25/hrDeep Cleaning – from S$320Aircon Service – from S$16.67/unitLaundry – from S$3.95/pcHandyman – from S$60Movers & Packers – from S$115Cooking – from S$25/hrPest Control – from S$40Tasks & Errands – from S$28/hr

Customer Reviews:

  • “By far the best home cleaning I’ve had! The cleaner was on-time, professional and left my space spotless!” – Jennie Chung
  • “Reliable, trustworthy and professional . Really great to deal with the flexibility of getting a helper that’s fuss free as and when one needs help.” – Alice Patricia

Aircon Services

  1. Marvellous Aircon

Marvellous Aircon, with a decade of industry experience, excels in providing top-notch air conditioning services in Singapore. Their highly-trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment ensure quality service delivery to every customer.

Their 24/7 on-demand service, supported by a dedicated help desk team, ensures prompt assistance for all customer inquiries and concerns, day or night. Marvellous Aircon’s broad expertise across various brands and service requests guarantees comprehensive assistance, meeting the diverse needs of their clientele.

AddressBlock 25 woodlands Industrial, Park E1 04-02, S757743
Contact / +65 6428 6288
Social LinkFacebook
Price RangeCompetitively priced packages are available to accommodate a range of budgets, with rates starting at $40 for the first unit and $15 for subsequent units for normal servicing. Additionally, their pricing for chemical wash services and other specialised treatments is transparent and affordable.

Customer Reviews:

  • “The team at Marvellous are always so quick to find a convenient time to come, super efficient, and everything is clean afterwards! Using them for over a year, and always recommend.” – Alberico de Nardis
  • “Efficient service with good knowledge of aircon common issues” – Edward Chow
  1. City Cooling Pte Ltd

City Cooling Pte Ltd stands out as a highly rated and reputable air conditioning service provider, boasting skilled technicians experienced in servicing multiple brands. With a commitment to professionalism and reliability, they ensure customer satisfaction with every service, regardless of the issue or AC brand.

Key highlights include their team of highly trained technicians who offer expertise across various brands, transparent pricing with upfront quotes to avoid hidden charges, and swift service with free consultations. From standard servicing to emergency repairs or new installations, City Cooling Pte Ltd provides prompt and efficient solutions while prioritising customer needs and satisfaction.

Address21 Woodlands Close, #05-45 Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854
Contact / +65 6362 2796 / 9646 0571
Social Link
Price RangeWith competitive pricing starting at S$35 for one-time servicing per unit and S$155 for contract servicing of 2 units 3 times yearly, City Cooling Pte Ltd ensures affordability and value. Chemical overhaul services start at S$130 for one unit and S$555 for 5 units.

Customer Reviews:

  • “Great experience dealing with City Cooling. They are flexible in terms of the servicing schedules and very accommodative.” – Ong Boon Wee
  • “Very good experience with City Cooling Singapore. Highly recommend them for long term servicing. They are well planned and flexible.” – Aditya Srinivasan
  1. Cold Max Aircon Services

Cold Max Aircon Services is a trusted expert in air conditioning solutions, offering a wide range of services including general servicing, chemical wash, and installation. With extensive experience across various aircon brands and a commitment to transparency, Cold Max has built a loyal customer base thanks to their reliable service.

They include a 90-day guarantee on all repairs and a 180-day warranty on parts, ensuring peace of mind for customers. Their 24/7 emergency aircon services provide prompt assistance for any aircon-related issues, while continuous staff training ensures top-notch service from their bilingual technicians proficient in English, Chinese, and Malay.

Address3 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #01-09, Singapore 568050
Contact / +65 9722 4596 / 6235 4833
Social LinkFacebook 
Price RangeAircon servicing starting at $40 per unitChemical wash starting at $85 per unitAircon gas top-up ranging from $30 to $120 depending on the refrigerant type

Customer Reviews:

  • “Highly recommended, reasonable price, I had recommended to my landlord and they are satisfied with their excellent services and the prompt response when enquiring them. Well done!” – Foo Chen
  • “The services are prompt and excellent . I would definitely recommend them to everyone!” – May Chan
  1. EconCool SG

EconCool SG is recognized as Singapore’s fastest-growing aircon servicing company, offering a comprehensive range of services for all complexity levels. Their team boasts over 20 years of experience, ensuring timely and high-quality air conditioning solutions. They’ve earned the bizSAFE Level 3 certification, guaranteeing the reliability of their services. Emphasising trust, integrity, and performance, EconCool SG commits to delivering the best air conditioning services in Singapore.

AddressBlk 234B Sumang Lane S#15-299 Singapore 822234
Contact / +65 8433 4798
Social LinkFacebook and Instagram
Price RangeAircon Normal ServiceWall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $40Cassette Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $50Aircon Chemical CleaningWall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $85Aircon OverhaulWall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $150Aircon InstallationWall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $1,380Aircon Gas Top UpWall Unit (up to 2.5 HP): From $80 – $180

Customer Reviews:

  • “Very friendly and professional. Good value. Definitely recommended. Thanks Jeff” – Tintin
  • “This is the right air conditioner service company to install the air conditioner. The service attitude is good and they kept my home very clean after the air conditioner was installed” – Maddox Hodges
  1. Aircool Aircon Services

Aircool Aircon offers high-quality aircon services with professionally trained staff, catering to both residential and commercial clients for servicing and installations. With a focus on prompt response and convenience, customers can easily book appointments to address their aircon problems. 

As a licensed and authorised company in Singapore, Aircool specialises in servicing, repair, maintenance, and installation for various property types. Renowned for their experienced technicians and top-notch workmanship, they use premium materials approved by Singapore standards.

Address11 Mandai Estate, #03-09, Eldix – 729908 Singapore
Contact / +65 90050975
Social Link
Price RangeAircon General Servicing:1 unit – $30 + transpiration fees2 units – $503 units – $754 units – $100

Customer Reviews:

  • “I booked chemical washing for 4 units. The price is less and the service quality is too good. Impressed. Professional team!!!!” – Cavin Ling
  • “Fast and prompt replies. Can make an appointment easily. I am impressed with your aircon service. highly recommended.” – Thong Lap Chark

Concluding Reflections

As homeowners, it’s crucial to prioritise home maintenance to protect our investments and guarantee the durability of our properties. The highlighted home maintenance firms in Singapore provide specialised services designed to accommodate various needs and preferences. 

Taking proactive measures to upkeep our homes involves assessing the competence and dependability of these companies. Delve deeper into their offerings, visit their websites, and contact them for any queries or appointments. By relying on trustworthy experts for your maintenance requirements, you can experience tranquillity and the confidence of a well-preserved home in the long run.

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